Easy quick recipe for students on a budget: tostadas de pollo


Nicte created Tostada de pollo to share with The Orion. Photo credit: Nicte Hernandez

College can be rough, from balancing relationships, social life and classes on top of trying to stay healthy and not eating out every day. Cooking can be time-consuming but, here at The Orion, we feel that healthy eating should not be seen as a hassle. Here is a recipe to follow in order to save money and have a good, home-cooked meal.

Tostadas de pollo is so affordable and easy to make, you will have your roommates drooling for more.

Step 1: You are going to need the base, tostadas and beans. Simple beans can work just fine to spread on top of your tostada.

Step 2: Add chicken on top of the beans. Safeway’s rotisserie chicken works best as it is already cooked and ready for you. Plus, no extra dirty dishes for your roommates to complain about because you’ve left them in the sink for over a week now.

Step 3: The veggies. Growing up, no one liked to eat their greens. However, adding chopped up lettuce and tomato starts to bring this meal together.

Step 4: Finishing it off, add your favorite cheese crumbles on top of your healthy veggies then sauce it up with some delicious salsa (level of fire up to you).

Ya esta listo! Your meal is ready. In just four easy steps you have created a delicious meal. Soon, all your friends will be calling you master chef.

Nicte Hernandez can be reached at [email protected] or @nicteh7 on Twitter.