How to graduate from Chico State without a hitch


Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Graduating is a very exciting time for seniors but can be nerve-wracking. As students are preparing for this, they must manage to complete their last semester and apply for graduation. This can result in students being overwhelmed with so many responsibilities to take care of.

Seniors are not only stressing about being forced to go into the real world and find a job but there are so many other pressures that lay on their shoulders, according to DailyTitan.

Don’t forget to remind yourself of a few important tasks that need to be taken care of before the deadlines. If you aren’t sure where to get started, visit the Student Services Center and set a time to meet with someone who can guide you to the right path. There is also a Chico State Graduation Checklist that helps show you what needs to be turned completed and what the deadlines are.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for graduation and ensure you walk across the stage.

1. Meet with an adviser

Meeting with an adviser is to ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements needed for to graduate on time. It can also be helpful to get familiar with the career services office. They can help you find internships, volunteer or career opportunities, according to Fastweb.

2. Apply for graduation

This is the most important step when you get closer to graduating and making sure you’re on the list. Not only that but applying will also ensure that your name is spelled correctly on your diploma. Even if you are graduating next year, applying now is necessary. Chico State requires you to apply for graduation a year in advance. You will also have to pay a fee with your application.

3. Order cap and gown

Once you have applied and it’s almost time to graduate, it’ll be time to order your cap and gown. While doing this, you can consider purchasing a class ring that represents the time spent on your education.

4. Graduation invitation and photos

Schedule time to take your graduate photographs before and during. As good as posed pictures will look great for your graduation invitations, nothing is better than a candid photograph. This will also remind your parents of your accomplishments.

5. Complete all School Requirements

Don’t slack off just because it’s your last year. Assignments are going to be due soon and it’s important for you to pass all of your classes.

6. Graduate and celebrate

Congratulations to all graduates, you did it and earned the party that will come with it.

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