Why you should attend a music festival this summer

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Music festivals bring hundreds of people together around music, art or popular food. There are a few things about festivals that keeps bringing people back though: the artists, the vibe and the people. Surrounded by other people that love and relate to the same music, all crowding around a stage to see your favorite artist really is something else.

In my opinion, attending music festivals gives you the opportunity to take a break from reality, see all your favorite artists and meet hundreds of people in one space. Here is why I think we should all attend music festivals:

1. Many artists in one venue

Sophomore Bianca Ortiz, who regularly attends music festivals, said “I like going to music festivals because everyone is there for one reason, the music! You get to see all these different artists in one place rather than paying for separate concerts so I think it’s really worth it.” The price you pay for one day at a festival can sometimes equal the price you would pay to see one of those artists’ solo concerts.

2. The atmosphere

As soon as you step into a festival there is a sort of carefree mindset you to take on. You are there for one reason: to have a good time dancing to your favorite music. Junior Brianna Jasso said, “When I first started going to raves it wasn’t that big so it was really cool to go listen to my favorite music in a place where you would not be judged. It’s fun to dance around and not feel embarrassed at all.” This euphoric feeling is what makes listening to an artist outside of your home special. You completely block out the outside world, freezing time as you dance carelessly with other like-minded individuals.

3. The crowd

The crowded nature festivals can turn some people away but I feel that this is another part that makes music festivals great. Surrounded by hundreds of people who have the same music taste as you, all there also to just have a good time and are from all kinds of backgrounds is a unique experience. It also adds to the carefree atmosphere because all the other attendees are also escaping their lives for a couple of days to let go and enjoy good music with friends and strangers.

Overall, I believe that attending music festivals should be a priority for all music lovers. You don’t just get to listen to multiple artists in one venue, these festivals offer so much more than that. They give you a space to dance with abandon and meet others who share your interests.

Nicte Hernandez can be reached at [email protected] or @nicteh7 on Twitter.