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Chico State's independent student newspaper

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Roar against wildcat statue has my vote for student involvement

The Wildcat Statue continues to create controversy among students over the cost. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

If you’re thinking “another article about the Wildcat Statue?,” I know, me too. But I’ve been thinking about all those times I’m in the elevator or walking alongside the Bell Memorial Union when I hear people comment on the statue. It’s still a ruckus and students still ask how much money the statue costs. If you dare to read this, in 2017 the proposed amount for the statue was $135,000 which was funded from donations. In a recent update, the statue came to be about $145,000.

In all honesty, I’m with all of you who I overhear mention the funds could have been beneficial for something else on campus. However, since this was something that had already come to its conclusion. I want to add that Associated Students could have proposed a better way to incorporate the statue to bring school spirit. What I mean by this, is allowing students who study in majors with hand-crafting skills, the opportunity to make projects such as these.

This would help students gain practice within their field and create projects. I mean how cool would it be to hear that you were able to participate in something that was on the grounds of your University campus. Transfer students like Robin Miki feel this would bring more school spirit to campus if the statue was made by students.

“For one thing there are plenty of art students who I’m sure would have loved the opportunity to make that. I feel that would have made more of an impact, to say this is made on campus by our students,” Miki said. “It’s going to send a stronger message. It’s better than saying here’s something we imported into Chico State and I think because of that it could have been a lot less expensive.”

I mean, the statue is cute but what else. I feel my school spirit has been the same since I first got here. As a student, I feel there could have been better options because I flat out don’t care too much for a statue when we have a mascot. I don’t mean to trash talk students or the campus but were the ones, along with administrators and alumni’s who can bring spirit to the campus by getting involved and attending on and off campus events. Not only that but I’m sure at some point it will require maintenance that requires funds, then where will that come out of.

Chico State junior Adrien Macias said she doesn’t really care about the statue and believes the funds could have been beneficial to student health services or other things on campus.

“I know the funds were dedicated to the beautification of the campus, but I think it’s kind of annoying and unnecessary. I wish the funds were going to services we need now. If it’s for building a new class building I’m all for that but a statue. It’s cute but I don’t really care for it,” Macias said.

Karen Limones can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @theorion_news.

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