Wildcat of the week – Jeremiah Egujie


Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

Senior Jeremiah Egujie is a standout forward for the men’s soccer team. Egujie scored both of the team’s goals in the Wildcats opening day win. Egujie is looking to make a difference in his second season on the team after transferring from Arizona Western Community College. He is this week’s Wildcat of the Week.

Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

What are your expectations for the team this season?

My expectations for the team is to do better than we did last year. Our season ended when we lost to Cal State LA. So this year I think we should be doing way better than we did last year.

What are your individual goals for the season?

My individual goals would be to get the top goal scorer for the league and also get All-American if possible, because last year I did kind of ok. So, I want to do way better than what I did last fall.

Is there a story behind your transfer to Chico State from Arizona Western?

Not really, just (Coach) Felipe talked to me a while back during high school and it just kind of cut off because I told him I was already committed to some other school, but I ended up not going there so he called me after my second year at Arizona (Western) and I just decided to come here.

Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

Now that you are a senior how do you plan on being a leader for this team?

Just doing my job as a forward, that’s what I got recruited here for. So, scoring goals when I can, then leading the defense from the front and then I think they should be good in the back since we already have veterans in the back.

Do you have any rituals or routines you do before the game?

Before the game my rituals are praying before we start the game or before we come out for the warmup. Then also I tape my left hand and put my sisters name and my friend’s name on it, because they both passed away. Also, I put a Bible verse, Philippians 4:19. Then after that I pray again before we start the game.

On a team full of seniors, how do you plan on sticking out?

Just score more goals, make the runs, make the defenders look a little off when I run past them and just being a leader. Be vocal as usual and just doing what I have been doing basically.

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