Wildcat of the Week – Damion Lewis


Chico State goalkeeper Damion Lewis has started every game this season for the Wildcats. Photo credit: Maury Montalvo

Damion Lewis is the reigning conference player of the year in the California Collegiate Athletic Association and is well on his way to repeating that. Lewis and the Chico State men’s soccer team are currently sitting in third place in the conference with Lewis starting every game this season as a goalkeeper. Lewis is third in the conference in goals-against average and save percentage. The astonishing goalkeeper from Miami is this week’s Wildcat of the Week.

How do you like the Chico State soccer team?

I love the Chico State Soccer team. I’m surrounded by a team that’s loving, everyone cares for each other, let’s you be free-spirited, let’s you have your own personality and everyone accepts you for who you are. So, I love the team.

What is the hardest part about playing for Chico state?

The hardest part about playing for Chico State is keeping the group together, making sure everyone is on the right page and no one is slipping up. It’s not too hard, but I would say if there’s anything that’s somewhat difficult that would be it.

Growing up, did you always love soccer?

I have always loved soccer since my mom put me in the sport and it was a sport I kept playing along with basketball, cross-country, track and volleyball. When I got to high school, I had to part ways with the other sports and choose one and, my love for soccer, I loved it way too much, so I just stuck with soccer.

With eleven games played this season are you happy with where the team is at?

With eleven games played, I think we are in a good spot. I would love for us to be doing better, but I’ll take where we are at right now. It’s a tight conference and we’re only about a couple points behind from first and second place. So, I think we are in a good spot.

Being from Miami, what’s the difference between Chico and Miami weather?

I get that question a lot. Miami weather is very humid so coming to California and playing over here it was like trying to adjust to the dry air. It was very difficult for me at first, but I got accustomed to it. So, it’s not that big of a deal now.

Goalkeeper, Damion Lewis is in his Senior year after transferring from Cal State Northridge. Photo credit: Maury Montalvo

How have you been a team leader to the freshmen this season?

As a team leader, I mentor them, I keep them on track, I let them know right from wrong, and they trust me so that makes it a lot easier.

Why did you choose Chico State?

I just thought it was going to be something different for me, growing up in a big city like Miami, I thought Chico would be something different. It’s a small town, but a big town at the same time. I thought it was going to take a lot more adjusting, but I am sitting pretty well in Chico.

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