GSEC hosts 20th annual women’s conference


Sonia Aery giving her keynote Photo credit: Justin Jackson

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition, Saturday, hosted the 20th Annual Women’s Conference: Women in Power, Empower Women.

This conference aims to create a safe university environment that promotes the personal, educational and professional growth of all women.

In a dead quiet room, attendees sharply held their eyes and ears on the keynote speaker, Sonia Aery, a local business owner and former candidate of the California State Assembly.

Aery talked about her story of coming out as queer to her parents, the life of her mother and women of color in politics.

People asked her about how she felt on the campaign trail, advice for women in politics and just generally the status of women in society.

“No matter your age or situation, there is some way you can make a difference,” Aery said. “As people in this room who have this opportunity, it’s our responsibility to make a difference.”

Her message resonated heavily with some attendants, like Grace Gillis

“I felt very empowered overall,” Gillis said. “The main thing I got from it was her story of hard work and encouraging people to not apologize for anything that you do.”

To find out more information about GSEC and any future events you can visit their page.

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