Students dine on crickets and scorpions at Sutter


Photo credit: Jack Lewis

Last week, students were given the chance to try something new and exciting at Sutter Dining: bugs. Students had the option to try cricket tacos, mealworm mac and cheese and several other buggy delicacies.

The idea for bug night came from Sutter Hall chef Thomas Rider, who said he came thought about serving bugs when he ate cricket tacos during a visit to USC.

“Bugs are far more sustainable than other more conventional forms of protein such as beef, they require less water to raise and are very nutritious,” Rider said.

According to Rider, lots of other countries eat bugs reglarly, yet it remains a taboo in the U.S.

“They were really good, actually,” freshman Pedro Caldera said as he dined on a few cricket tacos. “I never expected them to serve bugs in the dining hall, but I would try them again in the future because of this.”

While there were many students who were too squeamish to dine on bugs,the night was a success and saw many students open to try this uncommon type of food.

A few students even mentioned to Sutter Dining staff that they were excited about the idea as they had heard eating bugs is a great source of lean protein and great for bodybuilding.

Although students won’t be finding bugs being served as a common option, future freshmen can look forward to “Bug Night” next year as it is likely to become an annual tradition.

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