Annual Moonlight Safety Walk keeps students alert

Chico State’s Moonlit Safety Walk took place on campus Thursday night. The purpose of the walk was to review the best safety procedures for students to follow.


The event was open to all students who wanted to voice their opinions on campus safety.

“It’s a walk based for students, faculty and administration to recognize safety concerns on and off campus,” Alleyah Perez, commissioner of community affairs for Associated Students, said.

Students, staff and other community members were split into groups and given an area to evaluate.

There were 10 on-campus and three off-campus locations ranging from Nord to University Village to the Cedar Ave area for groups to survey, Perez said.


Before groups were released, there were a variety of speakers including representatives from Safe Place, University Police chief John Reid and director of Facilities Management, Mike Guzzi.

The speakers expressed the importance of safety on campus and Guzzi explained what each group should be looking for.

At the event, each blue light was tested to ensure it was working correctly, lights and light posts were inspected as well as any other issues noticed by groups.

For each group there was a leader to note and report back the concerns of the group for their selected areas.

“We’re trying to help promote safety throughout the campus and make others feel safe as well as trying to build our community relationship,” UPD officer Haley Gilham said.


In addition to faculty, administration and students, there were also members of the Chico City Council present who went to the off-campus locations.

Claire Renar, a member of AS Community Affairs Council, said a main idea behind the event was to get the campus involved in safety.

Renar also said that some concerns will be prioritized above others due to timing and budget.

“Some concerns are a little bit larger than others, like a new light post on the walking path near Holt Hall,” Renar said. “Adding a new light post would take a little longer than updating an existing one.”

Students who were unable to attend the event are encouraged to email their concerns to [email protected] at any time.

Carolyn Allen can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @carolynallen48.