9 Easy steps to screen print at home


A wood embroidery hoop 

Silk screen mesh

Screen filler


A scraper 

Step 1. Plan and draw out your design. 

Step 2. Stretch your silk screen mesh onto your embroidery hoop, making sure the screen is as taut as possible! You can use a screwdriver to twist the embroidery hoop bolt if your fingers can’t get the screen tight enough. 

Step 3. Trace your drawing onto the silk screen with a dull pencil. A sharpie or sharp pencil will damage the screen!

(If you’d like to have multiple colors in your design you have to create a separate screen mesh for each color.)

Step 4. In the negative spaces of your image, paint a thin coat of screen filler onto one side of the silk screen.

Step 5. When the first side is dry, flip the hoop over and paint another layer of screen filler in the same spaces.

Step 6. When both sides are completely dry, you’re ready to print! 

Step 7. Take a piece of paper or fabric and lay your hoop on top.

Step 8. Place a glob of ink on the screen mesh where there is screen filler, then use your squeegee to firmly spread the ink onto your design. 

Step 9. Carefully lift your embroidery hoop then surprise! You now have your very own screen printed image.