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Faking it

Kendall George // October 4, 2017

People don't like it, but it happens. Faking it. Orgasms, that is. Whether you're guilty of it or you've caught your partner in the act, it can hurt someone's self-esteem, trust in relationships and overall...

Photo credit: David Molina

The O Face: Verbal foreplay

Rachel Reyes and David Molina // September 15, 2016

Sex isn’t the time or place to chat. Believe me, as someone who often mingles constantly with so many people throughout the day — conversations fall flat in the bedroom.I get it, people often...

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

When orgasms are hard to come by

Rachel Reyes and Dongyoung Won // August 30, 2016

In every girlfriend group, you can find five individuals (so to speak) who are all going through many different situations in their lives but what they share most often is the bond between their sex lives. Yes,...

Photo credit: Bobbie Rae Jones

Playing on the edge

February 3, 2016
Sexual frustration, the pleasure and lingering ache of waiting.
Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Sexual competition, contentment

Michael Karp // April 23, 2014
The frequency that you have sex probably affects your happiness.
Michael Karp. Photo credit: Kasey Judge

The O-Face: Reaching the peak of pleasure

Michael Karp // March 2, 2014
The sex columnist delves into definitions of the human orgasm.

The O-Face: Q&A with sex shop manager

Michael Karp // February 23, 2014
The manager of Playtime 4 You discusses experiences and experimentation.
Michael Karp

The O-Face: Abandoning sexual anxiety

Michael Karp // February 9, 2014
The sex columnist discusses recognizing and getting over anxiety.
Maly Xiong

The O-Face: Dysfunctions don’t have to ruin your sex life

Chantal Richards // September 9, 2013
Misconceptions about orgasm dysfunctions.
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