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Conversational: On Roommates

Reed McCoy, Opinion Columnist // April 28, 2019

Columnist Reed McCoy talks roommates; the good, the bad and the ugly. Reed McCoy can be reached [email protected] or @ReedMcCoy6 on Twitter.

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Don’t let living with roommates lead to boring, quiet sex

Nicte Hernandez // February 25, 2018

The music has been turned up in your roommate's room, the moans get louder and louder and then the bed starts to pound against the wall. No matter how loud the music is, nothing can drown out your roommate...

Roommates hang out with each other.

How to be a good roommate

Kendall George // October 3, 2017

Are you a bad roommate? Sometimes it's hard to tell. There are plenty of characteristics that can label someone as a "good" or "bad" housemate, but there are gray areas as well. A "bad" roommate usually...

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Dear college mom

Julie Ramos // April 30, 2016
Why having college roommates are like having second moms
Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Best roommates forever

Brittany Mcclintock // April 5, 2016
Living with your best friend should be the easiest decision you should be able to make.
Illustration by Miles Huffman

Bathroom buddies need to clean up their acts

Miles Inserra // March 23, 2015
Sharing a bathroom can be messy. But anyone with respect for their roommates and themselves will keep the toilet bowl clean.
Illustration by Miles Huffman

Communication is key to communal living

Miles Inserra // February 10, 2015
Best friends know the risk of living together in college. Living in such close quarters can make or break a friendship. Luckily, Trev and I figured out the secret to happy living — communication between roommates.
Illustration by Darian Maroney

How to be a good roommate

Joseph Rogers // February 8, 2015
It's completely acceptable not paying rent, not cleaning and stealing everyone else's food.
Taylor Sinclair Photo credit: Lindsay Pincus

Living with significant others: Just say no

Taylor Sinclair // November 29, 2014
Why living with your partner is a bad idea.
Zachary Phillips

Reaping rewards of rallying roommates

Zachary Phillips // March 23, 2014
Having a full house during college is economical and entertaining.

How to tell a good roommate from a bad one

Veronica De La Cruz // January 31, 2014
What to look for when hunting for future housemates.
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