Campus construction continues

The Gus Manolis Bridge was installed over Big Chico Creek on Sept. 19. The bridge is expected to be ready for use within a month. Photo credit: Jenice Tupolo


Construction work is all over Chico State as the school tries to upgrade and install new features. The Gus Manolis Bridge was installed on Sept. 19 over Big Chico Creek near Selvester’s Cafe-by-the-Creek.

“We expect the bridge to be open in about a month,” said Joe Wills, director of Public Affairs and Publications. “They still have to do a lot of connecting and getting the bridge ready for people to actually use it.”

The estimated five-month renovation of The Warren Center is set to start in mid-December. The renovations will make improvements to the house and the grounds surrounding it.

Changes decided by the University Budget Committee and the Campus Planning Committee for this project include painting the exterior of the house peach and beige with white trim, refurnishing the fireplace and a remodeling the fence.

The Boiler-Chiller Plant construction is estimated to start in the summer of 2016. The modifications include replacing the current boilers and adding an additional boiler to the plant. In addition, a new cooling tower and thermal energy storage tank will be added to the plant.

These changes and improvements will allow the campus to store and chill a larger amount water in addition to providing chilled water to more buildings on campus.

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