The Graduate closes for good

Photo credit: Yang Dai

Photo credit: Yang Dai

Patrons gather to have one final round of drinks at The Graduate. Photo credit: Yang Dai

The Graduate closed its doors for good on Dec. 13.

Operating at West Eighth Street, The Graduate was a fun place for sports fans or anybody looking for a good time to share their opinions about and fandom of professional athletics.

For many customers, it is not only a bar, but a place of memory.

Wally Raimer.jpg
Wally Raimer remembers all the good times he had at The Graduate. Photo credit: Yang Dai

“When I first came to this bar, I was only 15 and 32 years have gone,” said Wally Raimer. “It was here I had my first drink, and tonight I’d take the last drink here too.”

A waiter anonymously revealed the reason why the bar is to be shut down.

“There is some conflicts between the operator of the bar and the house owner, so we have to close the bar.”

Despite the alleged issues between the bar and house owner, customers hope the disputes can be resolved and The Graduate will someday return.

Mike Maloney.jpg
Mike Maloney looks to the future with hope for The Graduate. Photo credit: Yang Dai

“We really hope that The Graduate can be reopened soon,” said Mike Maloney, a customer. “We can’t find another wonderful place like this bar.”

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