Creative Fusion Art Gallery hosts high school artists


The Creative Fusion Art Gallery has been displaying student art for 12 years. Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Art from students from all over the city of Chico are being displayed at the Chico Art Center at the annual Creative Fusion Art Gallery.

Creative Fusion is an annual event in which students at the junior and senior high school level can participate and create art that could potentially be displayed at this art gallery.

“This exhibit really displays the talent that Chico has to offer,” said Dan Fregin, the docent coordinator at the Chico Art Center. “We had to choose the three best pieces of art from this entire exhibit and it was one of the hardest things to do.”

This is the twelfth annual Creative Fusion gallery and it has proved to be one of the most popular yet. School directors from the Chico area choose whose art gets to be chosen and students’ art of all ages have the possibility to be displayed.

The Chico Art Center is open from noon to 4 p.m. everyday and the Creative Fusion Gallery will be on display until Friday.

The Chico Art Center will be holding an upcoming Contemporary Women art showcase from April 8 to May 6, in which women over the age of 18 will be invited worldwide to examine the contributions of women in the art world.

For more information, visit the Chico Art Center.

Roberto Fonseca can be reached at [email protected] or @rjfonseca13 on Twitter.