Study break: ‘Jessica Jones’ review


George Johnston

The abuser she thought was dead is actually alive. Now Jessica Jones, a hard-drinking private investigator, has to find the man who traumatized her and stop him from hurting other people.

From the first episode, Jessica comes off as an asshole. She never gives a straight answer and always throws in some unnecessarily rude or sarcastic comment with each response. This turns out to be a defense mechanism Jessica uses to cover up her PTSD from when she was mind-controlled by the sadistic villain Kilgrave, played by David Tennant.

But Jessica isn’t the only one with issues. The portrayal of other characters’ various mental illnesses is done fantastically and nobody, from Jessica’s best friend Trish Walker to the drug-addicted Malcolm, becomes an albatross around Jessica’s neck.

That being said, Tennant’s Kilgrave is easily the highlight of the show. He isn’t a generic bad guy who’s evil for the sake of evil; he actually has layers, making him the best Marvel villain to date. There is something sinister about Kilgrave’s childlike mentality when he’s torturing or manipulating that will make your skin crawl.

With “Jessica Jones,” Marvel has another hit on its hands that will leave viewers jonesing for season two.

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