‘Noche de Cervantina’ celebrates 400th birthday of Spanish writer


Williams alongside Cobos act their first scene of the play in front of the audience. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

Floritzel Salvador and Miguel Orozco

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If a 400-year-old Spanish man by the name of Miguel de Cervantes was still alive, he would have been one of the many audience members that were laughing hysterically during the performance of his play, “Los Habladores.”

On Thursday, May 3, “Noche de Cervantina” was hosted by members of the Expresiones Literarias, Artísticas y Culturales de Chico and the department of international languages, literatures and cultures. The event was in commemoration of Cervantes’ work due to his 400th birthday and consisted of an introductory skit, this play and musicians along with a flamenco dancer.

BTS 1 (WEB).jpg
Williams gets his makeup done before the play by makeup artist Pablo Guerrero Amores. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

The opening skit of the night consisted of four women: Lydia Reed, senior majoring in exercise physiology with a minor in Spanish; Alanna Afrasiabi, senior double majoring in communication and science disorders and Spanish; Thanya Calderon, senior double majoring in criminal justice and Spanish; and Sandra Calderon, junior majoring in Spanish (bilingual pre-credential). All four women delivered a whimsical skit that they wrote themselves about the life of Cervantes.

PLAY 1 (WEB).jpg
Larios is seen alongside Blair and Miller portraying her character’s frustration during the play. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

“Los Habladores” was filled with hilarious scenes between Roldán, a man on the quest to finding a remedy for his wife who apparently talks too much, along with Sarmiento, a man that claims to have a cure for Roldan’s wife.

Later in the play, Doña Beatriz, Roldán’s wife, is seen with Inés, the maid of the house, feeling annoyed at the realization that Sarmiento will be living with them for six or seven years.

Toward the end of the play, the sheriff barges into the house and wants to arrest Sarmiento but opts not to, because he also has a wife that talks too much and wants Sarmiento to help him.

PLAY 7 (WEB).jpg
At the end of the play, the cast was applauded with smiling faces and loud claps that echoed throughout the room. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

The majority of these students were acting in a play for the first time, but from the looks of it, they appeared to be complete naturals at it. They spent countless hours preparing for the play, from late night rehearsals to early morning rehearsals and even weekend rehearsals.

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