Women’s Golf still unsteady


Nick Green watches his golfer during a ‘Cats practice. Photo Courtesy of Nick Green

The women’s golf team has gotten off to a shaky start this season, with a third and seventh place finish in the first two tournaments of the year.

The team is lead by senior Abbey McGrew who has two top ten finishes this season and had a career-best finish in the Academy of Art invitational by snagging third place.

McGrew has been the only consistent player on the ‘Cat’s roster this season. Sophomore Emily Rotter finished ninth at the Academy of Art Invitational but placed 57th in Western New Mexico University Invitational.

Although the team’s players are inconsistent in their performances, they have yet to have anyone act as a severe detriment to the team. With average performances across the board, the team needs to prevent their fluctuations in their players.

Chico State returns to the green on Oct. 8 in the Triton Invitational, where they will attempt to succeed their previous seventh place finish.

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