2016 National Futures Yo-Yo Contest


Max Girard, a 14 year old out of Murphy’s, CA shows off his own move called the “poppin’ up.” Photo credit: Sean Martens

Carin Dorghalli

Chico hosted the 2016 National Futures Yo-Yo Contest on Oct. 1 at the Chico City Plaza.

Gentry Stein, the world yo-yo champion, sat as one of the judges. The event showcased promising competitors, ages 18 and under, and focused on the next generation of yo-yo players.

Various age brackets have top placements awarded with one-minute preliminary freestyles and two-minute finals for the top five qualifying competitors in each age division.

This event gives future yo-yo champions the chance to further their careers and potentially move on to regional and even national competitions.




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