Methods to combat senioritis

How to push toward graduation


Photo credit: David Molina

Once a week, I have a 50-minute class that is entirely focused on getting a job in my field post-graduation.

In my last year, this is the only class I see any worth in attending.

In less than seven months, the class of 2017 and I will be embarking on our journey into the real world where we will hopefully find jobs somewhat related to our studies.

Unfortunately, these few months seem to drag and everything that is standing in the way of that diploma can seem overwhelming and pointless.

Students become so overwhelmed that instead of pursuing responsibilities, a stress-induced catatonic state ensues.

Rather than tackling classwork or job and grad school applications, students have the urge to bundle up on the couch and watch 15 hours of Friends.

In order to survive the next 205 days, 11 hours, 14 minutes and 22 seconds, I established a helpful way to combat senioritis.

Be extra (extra) organized

Every professor tells students to have a planner, print syllabi and keep everything together. Typically this advice goes in one ear and out the other. With potential job interviews, figuring out post-grad living arrangements and trying to keep everything in check, it can be more than beneficial to utilize online calendars. This way nothing really slips by. Sticky notes are also super helpful to keep things together.

Move to Google land

Some students are still hellbent on using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and notebooks to keep their lives in order.

Google Drive is probably the most helpful (and free!) tool that a senior can utilize.With Google, there is very little room for errors. In the career search, job-hunters can always have all their important documents at their disposal.

Google also eliminates the risk of losing all the hard work with automatic save and with all collaborators working at the same time.

Aim for (Chico) healthy

Staying healthy in college can be difficult.

From going out with friends to living in roommate cesspools, to the very little sleep that seems to exist in the world of university, maintaining a good diet, activity and clear skin can seem impossible.

Setting aside time one day a week to grocery shop can be a life saver later in the week when students are rushing around.

When it comes to going to the gym, putting too much pressure to make it to the WREC can actually be more problematic than helpful.

Instead, seniors should get in the habit of walking and biking to classes and errands and taking the stairs.

Finally, to avoid falling ill, students should try drinking water as much as possible. If they are too busy during the day, students should try to have a cup or two before each meal.

Put peace of mind first, seriously

In this crazy time of transition, students should focus on priorities. Obviously, the entire reason we are paying to get our degrees is to have some level of comfortability after graduation.

Students shouldn’t fear missing class if they have more pressing things going on.

Missing a class for a job interview or to perfect a resume in the career center is going to be way better in the long run.

Students shouldn’t feel like they have to choose between sitting in a classroom and actual success.

Seniors also shouldn’t feel stress about taking a little time each day to unwind, hang out with the roommates and actually rest that noggin. Nothing will get done if a student isn’t at their absolute best.

College goes by fast. Don’t wish it away. Take advantage; live it up. After all, nothing lasts forever.

Whitney Urmann can be reached at [email protected] or @WhitneyUrmann on Twitter.