Clever cynics joke about their love lives


Casi Pantalones says “have you guys ever met Satan?” and says we need to open up to the idea that Satan is a nice girl. Photo credit: Abigail Jones

Michael Fritz

Love and laughter were in the air at Duffy’s Tavern comedy show Valentine’s Day weekend.

Duffy’s was packed as nine comics went up on stage. Their performances kept the audience cheering with laughter.

The comedians were edgy and entertaining. Overall, it was a great way to let off some steam on a Saturday evening.

The show comes around every two months. Don’t miss the next performance by checking out Duffy’s events page.

Caleb Mains talks about his single status in lue of Valentines day Photo credit: Abigail Jones


Duffy’s Tavern will be hosting the third annual Chico Comedy Festival April 8.

Aside from Duffy’s, there are two open mike nights a week in Chico:
Mondays from 9-11 p.m. at The Maltese, and Wednesdays from 9-11 p.m. at Studio Inn Lounge. Sign up starts at 8 p.m. These shows are free to all who attend.

Here’s a great calendar to follow if interested in the stand-up comedy scene here in Chico: Bada bing!

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