Wildcat of the Week


Photo credit: Sean Martens

Carter Johnson is a senior midfielder on the Chico State men’s soccer team. He has played an important role on the team in all three of his previous years at Chico State and hopes to play even better in his final season.

Q: Now starting the season 4-0 on the road, but losing two straight in front of a big home crowd, what are your thoughts and how does the team plan to adapt?

A: It was very disappointing losing at home, and especially in our own house. We took it very personally and made sure this weekend we were incredibly focused and disciplined. Everyone worked so hard this weekend, especially defensively. That was the key. We had a game plan and executed it. Now time to focus and get ready for games on Wednesday and Friday.

Q: With the hat trick by Jeremiah Egujie, back to back shutouts by Damion Lewis, and you and Dylan Wakefield scoring your first goals of the year, do you think this road trip did anything for the team?

A: The goal was great for me, but the play leading up to the corner was a great team play. Then the set piece was executed to perfection by three other players as well, not just me. Great heads up play from Fabian and Frankie to play a short corner and deliver a beautiful ball to the back post where Ryan Caro made a phenomenal run and crossed it back to me. The shutouts were also crucial. A great boost for the team because we wanted to be very defensively disciplined this weekend after giving up far too many goals the week before. Jeremiah is an animal, 14 seconds between his first 2 goals? He’s in form and on another level. Another great boost to the team morale. The team spirit is very high, very focused and very disciplined. Now it’s time to get back to work, watch some film and prepare to defend the house! We’re ready for anyone, Go wildcats!

Q: What are your personal goals for the season?

A: My personal goals are to get 5 goals, 5 assists, and 8 shutouts. A similar goal of Ronan’s. I also believe this team can win the National Championship. There’s just something about these guys, and we all feel it. My goal is to win the National Championship.

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