Female DJ ‘Rossy’ desires to inspire


DJ Rossy before playing her opening act for Krewella on October 3. Photo credit: Sophia Robledo-Borowy

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

Female student music producer and DJ follows her dream through her bass and deep house music creations.

Rossy Etbauer, goes by “Rossy,” is determined to inspire others through her musical journey.

Rossy has spent five semesters at Chico State, majoring in communications with an option in public affairs and minoring in recreation and administration for event planning.

She originally intended to work behind the scenes of the music industry until she discovered her true passion: producing music and sharing it with the world. She moved often throughout her childhood, but has stayed in Chico long enough to consider it home.

Rossy has always been interested in music ever since she was young.

“I got started playing the guitar in sixth (grade),” Rossy said. “I was obsessed with Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, I thought they were the coolest.”

She started producing about two years ago, but first started putting her music out to the public in January. Last Tuesday, Rossy opened for the electronic duo sisters, Krewella.

Just as most other genres of music, the electronic music industry is primarily male producers and DJs. Being a female in the industry can be a different experience. Rossy is very thankful for being apart of it, but wishes gender didn’t matter.

“I really want to inspire and push anyone, if you’re female, if you’re a male, whatever you identify as… I want you to feel inspired to push who you are… be super brave,” Rossy said. “I feel like in society, that’s something people are really questioning right now and I just want to help people feel like they can do it.”

Rossy’s inspirations for her music are constantly changing and come from a variety of genres. She enjoys Indie music from artists like Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers, and likes to incorporate different cultures into her mixes.

In the future, Rossy wants to continue to make music and inspire others to pursue their dreams. One of her more specific goals is to someday play at Coachella.

“My biggest dream in my life is to play at Coachella, that festival absolutely has my heart,” Rossy said.

Whether she was a headliner at Coachella or not doesn’t matter to her.

“I just want to create something that people feel genuinely touched by,” Rossy said.

To see this Chico State up-and-coming music producer and DJ, she will be opening for Audien on Saturday at the El Rey Theatre. She will also be releasing a new single before the end of this year. To check out her and show support, follow her Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to stay updated.

Sophia Robledo-Borowy can be reached at [email protected] or @Sophhhia3 on Twitter.