Racial divides continue to grow across college campuses

Rachel Reyes

Many college students across the nation have begun to face challenges pertaining to first amendment rights, racism and discrimination.

A sign with the words “It’s OK To Be White” raised controversy after it had gone viral online. Inforum covered this story and said that during this week social media exposed the signs that were being posted across multiple campuses.

This was clearly an insensitive joke to cause anger and distress over minorities, which was the entire point of the campaign.

These signs were found at Tulane University, Purdue and the University of Alberta. Apparently the signs were traced back to 4chan, a forum website that hosts the main core of the alt-right. The forum had a list of directions about their “game.”

The game plan was to have anonymous people organize and print out the uniform posters, which was the sign that had the slogan “It’s OK To Be White.” It instructed those who were taking part in this to put on a silly costume, reinforcing anonymity. Because this was supposed to take place on Halloween night no one would find it odd that someone would be dressed up while doing this.

Many students who attend these colleges are now seeing how much hate is going on around the nation firsthand. However, these are not the only campuses that have started to see the issue of racism that is prevalent today.

An email that was sent out from an Evergreen State College Professor, Bret Weinstein, has also raised controversy. Professor Weinstein communicated with the director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services, Rashida Love, via email and it went viral after Weinstein stated his condemnation over the Day of Absence for white people.

The school was asking for white people to not go onto campus this day. Huffington Post covered this story, mentioning that a toxic brew of alt-right, white supremacist, anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-Communist ideologies has started growing along the West Coast that targets college campuses as a primary enemy, with Evergreen at or near the top of the list. Their argument is that their free speech rights are being violated by “Social Justice Warriors.”

Professor Weinstein was under fire for this email and was threatened to be fired over not agreeing with a day that was so obviously discriminatory. This is the sad state of affairs on college campuses today and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

It’s up to us as college students to stay aware of what is going on at our fellow universities. Clearly there is an attack on college campuses and Chico State could potentially become a target in years ahead.

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