‘Curse of Osiris’: a pricey reason to come back


Inside a Vex pyramid. Photo credit: Ulises Duenas

The first “Destiny 2” expansion “Curse of Osiris” brings some new, interesting content. While it’s a welcomed addition to the game as a whole, its offerings don’t justify the premium cost of $20.

Osiris is a character that’s been mentioned in Destiny’s lore since the first game. His mystique and fabled levels of power made him one of more interesting background characters. This expansion does a good job of exploring his character and giving reason to his disappearance. One of the enemy factions, the Vex, have been wreaking havoc on Mercury and threaten to unleash doom on the rest of the galaxy. As one could expect, it’s up to the player to rescue Osiris and stop the Vex’s plans.

My favorite thing about this expansion is what the world of “Destiny” does with Mercury. In this game, Mercury is a desolate, sci-fi version of ancient Egypt. The Vex have transformed a once beautiful world into a symbol of their desire to bend time and reality to their will. Exploring Mercury for the first time was great; there are some visuals in this expansion like the Infinite Forest, a simulation space that recreates itself each time the player goes through, and Vex pyramids that top a lot of the things seen in the base game.

Unfortunately, even the story in the expansion is short, there’s still a lot of backtracking through old areas of the game. Not only will the player have to tread through parts of the base game again, but a lot of what is seen on Mercury gets repeated as well. The biggest attraction of the new areas is the Infinite Forest. While the Infinite Forest is cool to look at for a while, running through its randomly generated platforms gets old pretty quick.

Like the base game, most of the value in this expansion will come from repeating activities that open up after the story is finished. The new strikes are fun, the raid lair is interesting but not as long as a standard “Destiny” raid. At this point, I’d imagine most “Destiny” players know whether or not they want to play more “Destiny,” they just have to ask themselves if it’s worth the price.

The additions made in the expansion seem substantial as far as expansions go. While the story is short, the new weapons, armor and raid activity kept me hooked like the standard game did. “Destiny” has been compared to heroin for how addictive it is, which makes sense considering it costs about the same.

[Final Score: 3/5]

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The Vex: An ultra-intelligent machine race that can travel through time.

Raid lair: An offshoot of the game’s existing Leviathan raid.

Strikes: Co-op missions done with three people.