College students lack motivation to apply for scholarships


Students have become discouraged to apply for scholarships. Image screenshot from video.

Many students know that scholarships are essential when it comes to having sufficient funds for college. However, students lack motivation to complete scholarship applications. They no longer seem interested in free money or just go through college unmotivated to do so.

To some applicants, the process can be difficult, which results in students procrastinating to finish. Many may feel they lack writing skills, grades, certain qualifications or they even fear rejection.

“As you are applying to a scholarship you start thinking about applicants, answers, scores, believing someone has better answers than you,” said William Contreras, a Chico State sophomore. “Some people believe they’re better applicants than you are and that makes you feel you can’t apply to anything because there are lower chances.”

Students who believe scholarships are only merit-based should realize that there are several scholarships offered that are based on talent, majors, needs and more. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are high school graduates who go into college with minimal information.

Fifty-nine percent of the 23 million undergraduate students in the United States receive some form of grant or scholarship, meaning that there is funding not being rewarded because students lack the motivation or information to apply.

“I didn’t apply because I wasn’t well informed of such help or how to do it,” said Chico State alumnus Edgar Varela.

For some of us, the process can be nerve-wracking. Resources, such as and other websites are there and can guide students to scholarships that work for them.

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