March has brought the madness once again

Courtney Chapman

Everyone knows that with every passing March, the most prestigious tournament in college basketball happens: March Madness.

March Madness is a series of games against different seeds of Division I college basketball teams.

The tournament starts off with 64 different teams playing each other depending on what number their seed is. Typically the highest seed plays the lower seed, then the next highest seed and next lowest seed and so on.

“I love watching March Madness because you never know how things will turn out,” said Chico State student Brynn Lieberman.

Lieberman’s words rang true when Virginia, the No. 1 seed in the Southern division, had a historic loss to No. 16 seed University Maryland Baltimore County, becoming the first team in the history of March Madness to do so.

The tournament moves very fast with 64 teams in the first round, 32 teams in the second round, 16 teams for the Sweet Sixteen round, eight teams in the Elite Eight round, four teams for the Final Four round and finally two for the March Madness Championship.

Each round is only two days long, so it is a very long and fast moving tournament for the players and fans alike.

With so many games going on, it is most definitely an all day event to watch all of them.

March Madness and filling out brackets to predict who will win is a tradition. Some do in-depth scouting of the plays on each team, while some simply choose their favorite mascot and hope for the best.

Some may choose to just watch the teams that they like or that are local, which is perfectly fine. Everyone has their own traditions during this glorious tournament.

March Madness will be having the championship game on April 2.

Stay tuned to find out who will win.

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