Chico State track and field finds success at home in Twilight Invitational


Chico State’s Derrick Shepherd and Windsor Jamison complete the transfer of the baton in the 4×100 relay on Saturday. The team finished third with a time of 42.75 seconds. Photo credit: Andrew Baumgartner

In the final home track meet of the year, Chico State’s track and field teams saw plenty of first place finishes at The Chico Distance Carnival and Twilight Invitational.

One of those first-place finishers was Hasani Barrett in the 4×400 meter relay.

Barrett is one Wildcat who likes to compete at home.

“I always like competing at home because I’m so familiar with my home track,” Barrett said. “It kind of gives me a confidence boost.”

Fellow Wildcat, Michelle Holt, echoed Barrett on competing at home.

“It doesn’t get any better than running on your home track with Chico across my chest and a Wildcat on my back,” Holt said.

Holt finished second in the women’s 100 and 200 meter dash, with a personal best in the 100 meter at 11.92 seconds which was .02 seconds behind the first place finisher.

Holt was hyped about her finish. On Sunday, Holt said, “Yesterday was great. I ran great! It was amazing! That run freaking made nationals! Dang near Olympics!”

Leading the way for the Chico State men, yet again, was Tyler Arroyo who finished first in the high jump for the sixth track meet in a row. It has become noticeable a group of top-level athletes in the high jump event and Arroyo led the way once again.

Other notable first place finishers for the men include Domo Mosley in the 400 meter dash, Kelly McConnell in the 400 meter hurdles, and Sefa Ilaoa in the discuss.

First place finishers for the women included Jenavieve Turner in the 100 meter hurdles, Megan Farrell in the pole vault, Kayden Carpenter in the 1500 meter run seeded, and Alex Burkhart in the 1500 meter run invite.

Alex Burkhart (front) and teammate Alexandria Tucker (back) competing during the 1500 meter run at Wildcat Invitational. Photo Courtesy of Gary Towne

A cool moment came prior to one of the final Chico State hurdles race. The announcer announced they were dedicating the race to hurdles coach to Steve Irving, who plans to retire following season’s end. The announcer announced this would be his last home meet after a long-tenured career at Chico State.

Chico State’s track and field next travels to Turlock on April 12 and 13 when they will compete in the Stanislaus Multi.

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