Letter to the editor: Angry and concerned graduate student

President Hutchinson approved all three fee increases Wednesday.


President Hutchinson approved all three fee increases Wednesday.

To the Editor:

I was furious when I opened my student email at 12:19 p.m. Thursday and read the email sent out to
students, faculty, and staff members referred to as the “Decision on Proposed Campus Fee
Adjustments.” I feel it should have been titled, “Students it is Time to Sell Your Soul, Bend Over
and Take it Like a Champ!”

After a reflecting deeply for a few days, President Hutchinson and the Campus Fee Advisory
Committee (CFAC) have decided that it is best to increase student fees although a census of the
student body voted against all three increase by a percentage greater than 60 percent. While some may
argue that these increases are “small” when looking at the overall cost of attendance, but when
placed in perspective with the BIG picture we have to decide when enough is enough!

Just a few decades ago university tuition in the great state of California was FREE—yes you
heard me—FREE!! Our tuition annually now costs more than a new car, and these increases
could easily purchase a used car in just a few years! Again, I think many would say that these fee
increases are small, but when analyzed is association with the lack of student pay increases, a
continued rise in housing costs (both on and off campus), and the many other financial burdens
that link to attendance, our future look bleak.

I thought the greatest threat to the future of our community was the current status of our national
government, but every day, especially today seems to bring new insight as to where I should be
most concerned. Academic institutions have continually masked their student body from the
EXTREME increase in tuition and attendance costs by supporting “small fee increases.” At the
same time they supply us with workshops that tell us to take out fewer student loans because
paying them off will take most of our professional careers.

I am not against universities providing their students with healthcare, athletic programs, or
hands-on and technology-based programs. But if we do not stand up now to the university
system and our government the idea of affordable education will be more of a joke than it
already is!

To everyone who is a part of the California State University, Chico student body I beg you to
stand up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

Angry and Concerned Graduate Student and Student Employee,
Jennifer Rogerson Jennings