Period Sex; don’t knock it till you try it

Sex is bound to get messy. Bodily fluids, lube and sweat are all mixed up in heavy breathing, tangled hair and hey- maybe you break some furniture once in a while. This is no surprise as sex brings back a primal instinct that mostly all humans have. Except for those who don’t like sex, which is cool too.

The majority of us have sex all the time if provided with a partner and sexual drive. Many have it every month, week, or sometimes down to the day and hour. That is, unless Aunt Flo has come to visit you or your partner.

As a woman and uterus owner myself, I grew up only hearing whispers of the word: period. Children in grade school were more likely to shout Bloody Mary in a dimly lit bathroom before mentioning the dreaded week of hiding tampons and pads in our coat pockets and checking our seat for blood smears. Our natural function as people with uteruses seemed more like a myth than a real cycle we all go through.

Even as older teens and young adults, the taboo still lingers. Like I said, sex is messy, but there’s still countless times where I’ve heard the phrase, “When the red river flows, take the dirt road home.”

A common concern might be that period sex is “too messy”, but most people on their period only bleed between two tablespoons to a cup at most throughout the course of their entire period. It’s really not much, and the mess made can easily be prevented by laying a towel down or shower sex.

Not everybody needs to have period sex, but why not try it out? Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. Having period sex relieves cramps: During an orgasm, blood rushes to the uterus and relieves cramps. Uterine muscles also contract during orgasm and releases chemicals to the brain as a natural pain reliever.

2. Orgasms also relieve period headaches: According to a study published in 2013 by Cephalalgia, orgasms can also relieve headaches as long as a full climax is reached. This is proven no matter what position you choose to have sex in!

3. Improved mood: Orgasms have been proved to release endorphins, and endorphins are proven to improve mood. Many people who have periods experience a decrease in mood, whether that comes from menstrual cramps or hormonal changes. Period sex could help your partner feel better during their time of the month, or if either of you need a mood boost in general.

4. Period blood acts as a lubricant: Don’t get grossed out, only stating facts here. You won’t have to worry about running out of lube during your partner’s time of the month, plus you can always jump in the shower, or wipe off afterward, if it gets messy.

So when that time comes, grab a towel, some protection and an open mind. The female body deserves to be celebrated in all of its forms, blood and all.

Rayanne Painter can be reached at [email protected] or @rayphenomenon on Twitter.