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The nude selfie as an act of sex positivity

Kati Morris // November 26, 2019

The leaked nude photo was a nightmare that young women of the previous generation only hoped would never happen to them. Now, many women freely choose to share their own nudes, whether publicly, to a “fake”...

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O-Face: Reflections on virginity

Rayanne Painter // September 24, 2019

It’s a sticky subject, virginity.There’s only one way this is supposed to happen, right? A man lays a woman down in missionary, strokes a few times, blows his load and suddenly your virginity...

Period Sex; dont knock it till you try it

Period Sex; don’t knock it till you try it

Rayanne Painter // September 4, 2018

Sex is bound to get messy. Bodily fluids, lube and sweat are all mixed up in heavy breathing, tangled hair and hey- maybe you break some furniture once in a while. This is no surprise as sex brings back...

Faking it

Kendall George // October 4, 2017

People don't like it, but it happens. Faking it. Orgasms, that is. Whether you're guilty of it or you've caught your partner in the act, it can hurt someone's self-esteem, trust in relationships and overall...

Album art for Two Feet

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Songs to get it on

Kendall George // September 11, 2017

What are your sexy-time jams? Whether you’re hooking up after a Friday night out, sharing an anniversary with the person you love or experiencing the fascinating act of having sex for the first time,...

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Long distance relationships don’t work in college

Danielle Cortes // August 22, 2017

Long distance relationships are difficult. Short distance relationships are difficult. All relationships are difficult. Even though there are those few rare couples who make it work, you are creating your...

The O Face: Exhibitionism

The O Face: Exhibitionism

Lorinda Sasan // December 6, 2016

If there was any one time to indulge in risqué sexual behavior, college would be it.     The sexual revolution of the post-Vietnam Era changed the way Americans expressed themselves...

Adult playgrounds: A glance at sex toys

Adult playgrounds: A glance at sex toys

Sophia Xepoleas // April 26, 2015

I felt like a kid in a candy store. They came in different shapes and sizes and my options seemed endless. It was a playground full of enticing paraphernalia, and it was a sex columnist’s dream. Sex...

Diary of a pair of twins

Diary of a pair of twins

Sophia Xepoleas // March 23, 2015

It's hot, muggy and crowded in here. Our owner only lets us out for fresh air a couple of times a day, and when it’s hot out, we can barely stand to be stuck inside of our enclosure. We just hang...

Putting up walls can thwart real emotional connection

Putting up walls can thwart real emotional connection

Sophia Xepoleas // March 16, 2015

Your 20s are an interesting time. So far, my experience has proven to be one of immense personal growth and understanding. But I recently ran into a conflict when I became close with a group of...

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

Etiquette lesson: Having sex while roommates are home

Sophia Xepoleas // March 9, 2015

Your hormones are raging, your blood is pumping and you're ready to go. You're about to be taken down a road of sexual exploration and are nothing short of pumped. You're about to enter pound town....

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

Coming to grips: They’re just not that into you

Sophia Xepoleas // March 2, 2015

There seems to be a sweeping epidemic in the world of prospective dating. I’m referring to the blatant obliviousness that occurs when people refuse to see what is right in front of their eyes. We...

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