Kasey Reynolds hosts #StompOutHate ice cream social


Kasey Reynolds talking to members of the community at the #StompOutHate ice cream social. Photo credit: Keelie Lewis

Kasey Reynolds gave out free ice cream Thursday, hoping to encourage civil discourse.

Kasey Reynolds is the owner of a local business, Shubert’s Ice Cream and Candy, and a candidate for the Chico City Council.

Handouts explaining Kasey Reynold's campaign at the #StompOutHate ice cream social. Photo credit: Keelie Lewis

Her platform has had a lot of controversy around it lately. Recently, her campaign signs were vandalized, along with the front of her store, saying that she is a “bigot”.

“I have no idea why someone would do this,” Reynolds said. “They’re uninformed if anything. They don’t know me, never had a conversation with me, and when people don’t know how to have a dialogue, they do stuff like that.”

One of her responses to this was her ice cream social with the hashtag StompOutHate. She invited people of all political backgrounds to come to the parking lot on the right side of her store and have a discussion about her, and her plan for Chico.

A Shubert's employee scooping out free ice cream for the #StompOutHate ice cream social. Photo credit: Keelie Lewis

“There’s been a lot of negativity and nastiness going on,” Reynolds said. “So I just wanted to have a good, old-fashioned ice cream social where everyone can have ice cream and a dialogue.”

For any more information about Kasey Reynolds, go to her website.

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