Wildcats come out victorious in their ninth straight


Karina Cope

Chico State Wildcats take on the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles in Acker Gym.

Chico State men’s basketball put on a show in Acker Gym on Saturday night as they beat the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles by a score of 87-62. This led the Wildcats to their ninth straight victory.

Junior Malik Duffy was the leading scorer for Chico State as he scored 21 points in the game against the Golden Eagles. 

“I came out super aggressive. Last time I wasn’t as aggressive and it showed on the stat sheet. My rebounding, scoring and assists weren’t there. So, I tried to start rolling early and the momentum kept picking up from there,” Duffy said.

Along with Duffy, Calvin Geraci was another major scorer in Saturday night’s win over the Golden Eagles. With both being stellar teammates and the greatest of friends, one can only expect high numbers produced by the two. 

“Malik and I are best friends on and off the court. We’re just two weirdos. We just get along with each other. That translates to the court well,” Geraci said.

The Wildcats now have 10 regular season games to go. The road they’ll have to take to the playoffs will not be an easy one. Senior Justin Briggs went on the talk about what he feels his team needs to do in order to be at their best throughout these final 10 games.

“We have teams in the upper percentile of our league. We get fired up for those games. Then we have teams that are on the lower percentile. We got to keep taking steps forward. When we get to the postseason, I’m sure we’ll be peaking. Every single game is just as important as the last,” Briggs said. 

With Briggs being a senior and closing in on graduation, he spoke on his basketball related plans after his time at Chico State.

“I’m going to try and play professional basketball when I’m done. Keep playing basketball as long as I can. I love to do it,” Briggs said.

 Next stop, the Wildcats look to face Cal State East Bay on Jan. 30 and hopefully take their winning streak to 10 games. However, according to Geraci, this will not be an easy match-up. 

“We play Cal State East Bay who absolutely hates us for what we’ve done to them previously. It’s going to be a really tough game. We’re going to be on our A-game. We just gotta keep it rolling,” Geraci said. 


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