Wildcat Spotlight: Daisha Abdelkader


Daisha Abdelkader is one of five starters on the Chico State women’s basketball team. She is from San Jose and the only player on the current roster to play junior college basketball before coming to Chico State. Abdelkader has learned a great amount throughout her transition from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill to Chico State.

“DVC was a little easier for me as far as classes,” Abdelkader said. “Here is a little bit challenging for me as far as getting classes, but I feel like the basketball environment is the same.”

Abdelkader developed a passion for basketball at a very young age. She is a fierce competitor on the court and thrives off the intensity of the game.

“I was in the third grade when I actually started playing basketball,” Abdelkader said. “I wanted to play because basketball was a competitive sport.”

Multiple professional basketball players inspire Abdelkader and she tries to mimic their play when she is on the court. 

“My favorite (NBA player) is probably Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets),  especially because he comes from the Bay,” Abdelkader said. “His little jump shot that he’s had…I just like his style of play. My (WNBA player) would be Candace Parker (Los Angeles Sparks). I just love her tenacity, her aggressiveness and her will to do whatever that she wants to.”

When Abdelkader is not on the court, she is studying hard as a criminal justice major. Juggling multiple classes that require an intense amount of reading and memorizing along with her basketball life is not easy. Thankfully, she has a very supportive family back at home that gives her constant love and encouragement, even from afar. 

“My backbone is my family,” Abdelkader said. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them, their motivation and their push for me to do better. So, I commend them and I thank them for sacrificing everything for me to be here.”

With the basketball season coming to a close and only a few games left to play, Abdelkader wants to end her time here at Chico State with a bang.

“I want to finish the season off strong… winning all four games that are left, going to the playoffs and hopefully making it to the NCAA tournament,” Abdelkader said. 

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