The Opening Of The WREC Is A Great Sign


Matthew Wreden

The home gym my roomates and I were able to create.

For the past nine weeks students that still lived around the Chico area have had to get creative when it came to working out. Gyms have either been shut down or open for limited capacity in Butte County and it made it tough for people like myself who love to workout.

That changed this week.

Starting Oct. 19, The Wildcat recreation Center, Chico State’s gym, will be opening its doors for limited capacity for this first time this semester. The announcement was made Oct. 9 and was met with loads of excitement.

I was thrilled when I heard the news that The WREC was opening back up. For the past nine weeks and for much of this quarantine period, I have been limited to the trails in Upper Park and a backyard gym that my roommates and I were able to put together.

I love the mini gym that we have in our backyard and I enjoyed exploring the trails, but I will always pick a professional gym over any backyard gym.

I was a regular at The WREC before COVID-19 disrupted everything. You could always find me there playing pickup basketball, running on the upstairs track or participating in the many group classes they offered.

Going to the gym regularly creates a rhythm. That rhythm is extremely crucial for people to stay sane. I know when I miss the gym my body feels off and I don’t feel like I had a productive day.

With everything going on in the world from COVID and politics, it is a luxury to get away from your phone or TV and focus on getting a workout in.

If you would like to go workout at The WREC, you must sign up for a 75-minute session and you have to do it through Students must pick a designated area to work out in and stay in that area.

There are five different sections of the gym that you can sign up for. There are three designated weight room areas, a cardio/workout space and the bouldering wall is open. Masks must be worn at all times as well.

As we continue to push through the pandemic, they will slowly open the gym for more use and hopefully the basketball courts, indoor soccer and locker rooms will be back open soon.

With the opening of The WREC, it thankfully gives students an escape from their school work or their home lives and it allows them to focus on getting a good work out in.

Matthew Wreden can be reached at [email protected] or @bymattwreden on Twitter.