Lebron and AD are the Lakers’ best duo in team history


Hana Beaty

A graphic made by Hana Beaty

The Los Angeles Lakers have been crowned as the NBA champions for the first time since 2010. Winning a championship anywhere is special, but with this season taking over a year to complete, it makes the journey of winning a title all worth it.

LeBron James now has his fourth championship and his counterpart Anthony Davis is celebrating his first NBA title.

This was Davis’ first season on the Lakers. After spending the first seven years of his career in New Orleans, he never accomplished winning a championship with that franchise. But now that he’s teamed up with James, he’s won the championship and they make one of the best Laker duos of all time.

There have been many great Laker duos in their long history, whether it was Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or the combination of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. But I feel that James and Davis are the next piece of the puzzle to getting the Lakers on a consistent path to winning more titles.

With the Lakers winning the NBA title this season, this is now their 17th NBA title in franchise history and the first for James and Davis as members of the Lakers.

Now that the season has been concluded, Davis is a free agent. There’s no guarantee he will return to the Lakers until contract negotiations begin, but if he stays with Los Angeles, he and James will have an opportunity to win more with Los Angeles.

If you look at the way these two play and communicate on the floor, they are not jealous of each other, they aren’t selfish when it comes to ball handling. They also have the ability to pick up the other one when they are struggling or having an off night.

When James and Davis are on the court, they typically score about 30 points each. When James is playing more defense, Davis has the ability to protect the rim and can play out on the perimeter. It’s highly unlikely that both James and Davis will struggle in the same game.

James and Davis also have great respect for one another and have built a strong friendship over the years not just on the basketball court, but off of it as well.

When they are on the court, head coach Frank Vogel lets them get into a rhythm and communicate with one another. Davis and James are arguably in the conversation of top five best players that are currently in the NBA. If they continue to stick together and guide some of the younger players, they can win more championships together and be considered one of the best Laker duos of all time.

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