Sara Mitrano: a catching star for the Wildcats


(Ryan McCasland/Chico State Sports Information)

#15 Sara Mitrano catches a pitch in a softball game at Chico State (Ryan McCasland/Chico State Sports Information)

Sara Mitrano, a current catcher on the roster for the Wildcats, is in her senior year at Chico State. She is considered to be one of the leaders on her team. Mitrano was born in Ventura, California, but grew up in Simi Valley and has always had a passion for the sport.

Mitrano got introduced to the game of softball at a very young age and quickly grew attached to it.

“I actually started with baseball,” Mitrano said. “I did T-ball for a year and I was super upset I was the only girl that played on the team. Then I moved to softball and I was 7 years old.”

Prior to the pandemic, Mitrano batted .237 with eight RBIs and three doubles. Mitrano is known for her catching abilities and has caught two no-hitters from her teammate, pitcher Brooke Larsen.

#15 Sara Mitrano takes a swing in a softball game at Chico State (Ryan McCasland/Chico State Sports Information)

“I think she’s a super good catcher to have especially when I pitch to her,” Larsen said. “I always feel super comfortable and she’s a great leader while she’s a catcher, and in the dugout, she’s always leading cheers.”

Before COVID-19 halted their season, the softball team was 19-2, including 8-0 on their home turf.

While Larsen has a strong relationship with Mitrano on the softball field, she did mention how her relationship with Mitrano is strong off the field as well.

“We hang out really often,” Larsen said. “She’s one of my close friends. I would say we hang out almost every single day. We like to do homework together. Me and Sara have a pretty close relationship.”

#15 catcher Sara Mitrano (left) gives #14 pitcher Brooke Larsen (right) a fist pump in a softball game at Chico State (Ryan McCasland/Chico State Sports Information)

Mitrano comes from a strong family background where she has parents and two siblings whom she holds strong relationships with despite different personalities among them.

“I was raised by my mom,” Mitrano said. “She got remarried to my stepdad who we live with now. We live with him and he has two kids, so I have a stepbrother and a stepsister. They’re much older than me, but we fit in like a regular family. I’d say all three of us, the kids, are pretty different personalities, but we all get along really well.

During this tough time with the pandemic, Mitrano has hobbies and her life as a college student to keep her busy. She also manages to stay active so when it comes time to return to the softball field, she’s ready to go.

“I like to go surfing,” Mitrano said. “I like to go to the beach a lot. I go to a crossfit gym back home. I like to go on hikes and explore around Chico.”

Mitrano is an organizational communications major who is also minoring in business marketing. After she graduates, she is undecided on where she plans to take her life, but has done an internship with Farmers Insurance.

Some of Mitrano’s teammates have memories that they will never forget with her. Senior infielder Angel Lopez talked about a moment that stands out to her during time she’s spent with Mitrano.

“A favorite memory that I have with Sara is whenever she would come over to our dorm room and sleepover, it would always be a great time,” Lopez said. “The first couple of times, we had her sleep on the floor with no mattress. The first time I ever had a sleepover with her, she was sleep talking and me and Reilani were both really scared. It’s something that always brings back good memories from our freshman year.”

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