Lindsey Bryant: a track and field star for the Wildcats


Ryan McCasland/Chico State Sports Information

Lindsey Bryant, a sophomore and exercise physiology major who is a current member of the high jump/javelin track and field team at Chico State.

Lindsey Bryant is a sophomore at Chico State and is a member of the women’s track and field team. Bryant was born in Paradise and attended Durham High School. 

Bryant represents the team as a member of the high jump and javelin squad. Bryant’s mom participated with the track and field team at Chico State as well, so the family legacy has been of great inspiration.

“My mom did track at Chico State,” Bryant said. “She opened me up to the idea of doing it at Durham High School and from there, I fell in love with it. I missed it once I graduated high school.”

Before coronavirus shut down the team’s season last semester, Bryant got a chance to compete in an event called The Stanislaus State Kim Duyst International in Turlock, California on March 6 and 7. 

In the final results of the Women’s High Jump, Bryant finished in a three way tie for 11th place at 1.48m. She also took home ninth place in the Women’s Javelin competition with a mark of 31.27m.

Even though sports are halted this semester, Bryant still finds ways to stay active so that when it comes time to return to action, she is ready to go.

“I run on my own time,” Bryant said. “I’ve been getting big into yoga because that’s good for the mind especially with everything going on. I do workouts at home trying to stay fit that way.”

While Bryant may not be out on the field competing, she does manage to keep strong relationships and friendships going with her roommates, Jacqueline Massey-Blake and Lara Condosta, both of which are also on the track and field team.

“She’s very laid back,” Condosta said. “She’s one of the chillest people I’ve ever met. She has a funny personality. She’s very honest in the best way. She’s just a very real friend.”

When Bryant is not hanging with her friends, she is working hard in school and has a dog who she has a strong relationship with.

“I’m an exercise physiology major,” Bryant said. “I have a dog named Ace. He is my pride and joy. I spend a lot of time with him. I take him on walks and things like that.”

With the pandemic going on and all classes being on Zoom, Bryant’s head coach Robert Nooney stays in touch with the team pretty regularly to make sure everyone is doing good. Nooney has a strong relationship with Bryant and has nothing but positive things to say about her.

“She’s a local gal,” Nooney said. “That’s always really cool. She’s a very good athlete. She’s super positive and a great teammate. It was almost as if she had been with our team for a while.”

Outside of just talking with one another whether it’s on the phone or via Zoom, Nooney and Bryant have even had a chance to workout together outside of school.

“I’ve had a chance to connect with her (Lindsey) in person just a few times we’ve done some curbside meetups,” Nooney said. “On Monday I would do the workout with her in the hills. It was fun. We didn’t say much at times because we were training and we were tired, but I think there was that connection and that respect.”

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