Morgan Mathis: the Wildcats’ three-point sharpshooter


Chico State Sports Information

#22 Morgan Mathis throws up a shot in a basketball game at Buchanan High School in Clovis, Calif (Chico State Sports Information)

Morgan Mathis is a freshman at Chico State and is one of four new recruits to join the women’s basketball team along with India Starr, Stella Rollo and Jazmyne Lillie. She has not played in a game yet due to COVID-19, but she remains optimistic and positive that the team will soon return to action.

“This [COVID suspension] is motivating me even more,” Mathis said. “Even thinking about all the other schools that are playing right now, it really motivates me to just push myself to the next level, so when we do get out on the court, we’re not behind and we’re taking a championship next year.”

Mathis was born in Fresno and attended Buchanan High School located in Clovis. She is known for some amazing accomplishments during her high school basketball days.

“From Buchanan, I actually ended up being the all-time leading scorer,” Mathis said. “My senior year, I was able to finish fifth in the state for the most three-pointers made in one season, so that was pretty exciting for me.”

Mathis got involved with basketball at a very young age and soon developed a passion for it. She also mentioned a hero of hers in the basketball world, Klay Thompson, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

“Third grade, I can remember I begged my dad to buy me a basketball hoop because I was playing all the time at school,” Mathis said. “Right now my favorite basketball player is Klay Thompson just because he’s such a great shooter and how humble he is on the court. I love that about him.”

When Mathis is not playing basketball, she is working hard in school as a pre-nursing major. After her Chico State days are behind her, she plans to pursue a career as an oncology nurse.

Despite the virtual distance from her teammates, Mathis has developed strong relationships with them. Junior guard Mikaela Bismillah, who is one of her roommates, talked about her relationship with Mathis and what it’s like to live with her.

“She’s a very sweet person,” Bismillah said. “She’s willing to just be there and do anything for the people that she loves and the people that she’s close with. She really likes cooking so we’re always very excited when she gets to do that for us.”

Starr expressed how excited she is to play on the court with Morgan and what contributions she will bring to the team.

“I’m excited to be the other shooter, hopefully with Morgan,” Starr said. “Us coming in as both three-point specialists, I’m really excited to be able to feed off her energy. Morgan brings a lot to the plate. She’s a great shooter, a phenomenal shooter, and I think she’ll really help us next season.”

Even during this difficult time caused by COVID-19, both Starr and Mathis workout together to stay in shape so when basketball resumes, they are fit.

“Stella Rollo, the other freshman and I, we go to the gym together,” Starr said. “We lift usually at least four to five times a week. Morgan, Stella and I usually all go shoot.”

As of March 22, Chico State will offer COVID-19 testing, which means athletes on campus will be tested more frequently.

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