Wildcats drop game in overtime


Javier Hernandez

Wildcats warming up prior to their match up against SPU

Coming off a victory in their first game of the season last Thursday, the Wildcats wanted to end their two game home stint off on the right foot. The visiting Seattle Pacific University Falcons came into the game with other plans. 

The game was a defensive battle. No goals were conceded in the first two periods of the game, because of Wildcat keeper Luis Albarran and Falcon keeper Lars Helleren. Albarran ended the night with five saves, while Helleren ended with seven saves. An overtime goal ultimately led to  the Falcons 1-0 victory in the 98th minute.

After a tied game in Division 2 soccer, there are two overtime periods which last 10 minutes each. The game can be ended with a goal in either period. However, if the game is still tied after the two overtime periods the game ends in a tie. 

The Wildcats started off the overtime period with a purpose. They were full pitch pressing the Falcons and were in full on attack mode. They wanted to win, but one play determined the outcome.

In the 98th minute of the game, Falcon midfielder Travis Swallow sent in a cross to the Wildcat box and forward Titus Grant headed in the game winner. 

“It is those little mistakes that will kill you at the end of the game,” said Wildcat defender Donovan Jackson following his team’s loss. 

 Although the game did not end in the Wildcats favor, there are things that can be built on from this match. 

The defense was a bright spot for the Wildcats. Saves by Wildcat keeper Albarran and good overall play by the back line were things that stood out for the Wildcats.

The back line had its work cut out for them, with the Falcons attempting the long ball game and it having little to no success.  

Photo by Javier Hernandez
Wildcat defender #28 Trevor Fritz performing a throw in during Saturday’s game

Defender Trevor Fritz sparked the Wildcats off the bench. He played his first minutes for the Wildcats, and was impactful during his time on the pitch. He was making timely tackles and brought  energy to the game. 

“It felt great to be out there, I mean there is nothing better than playing under the lights,” Fritz said. “I had 25 minutes to help out the team and I brought as much energy as I could.”

It is a long season for the Wildcats and they can’t keep their heads down for long. They are a resilient team that will grow throughout their season.

“We just need to be prepared. We are going on the road, it’ll be tough,” said midfielder Liam Duerksen. “But I know this team will stick together, we are united and we can push through it.”

Jackson said the only way is up for these Wildcats. Adversity early in the season will test this team’s will, but with what they have shown on the field, nothing is impossible for them. 

The Wildcats have a two game road trip to Washington next week. They face off against Saint Martin’s University first on Thursday at 1 p.m. and end their trip on Saturday facing-off against Simon Fraser University at 12 p.m. 

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