Chico State Volleyball meets TikTok sensation Boss Baby Brody

The Chico State Women’s Volleyball team had the good fortune of running into TikTok star Brody Hudson Shaffer, also known as Boss Baby Brody, at the San Diego International Airport. 

Schaffer is an internet celebrity who has amassed almost 3 million followers on the social media app TikTok. TikTok is an app where users create videos that can last up to three minutes. Schaffer went viral by doing a dance called the shimmy, which is a quick dance move where one shakes their shoulders back and forth while moving their Body.

During this meeting, the volleyball team was able to record a TikTok and do the shimmy with him in the middle of the airport. Brody then went on to post it on his Instagram page to over 560,000 of his followers.

Brody and his family were on their way to Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara. Brody had the opportunity to perform his dance moves in front of over 70,000 people during halftime of the San Francisco 49ers game.

The team was pretty split between knowing who Brody was when they first saw him. Once confirming it was him, many of the athletes recognized him popping up on their for you page before. For you page is Tik Toks main screen.

With some girls knowing who Brody was and others not entirely sure, there was one who knew him before his Tik Tok fame. Freshman Jane McNulty actually lived in the same area as Boss Baby Brody down in San Diego.

“My mom saw the TikTok and texted me saying ‘Did you know those were our old neighbors,’” McNulty said. “When I lived in San Diego, they lived in my old neighborhood.”

The team was too shy to go up to him at first. They had to talk to one another trying to figure out who would be the one to break the ice. 

“We were nervous to go talk to him at first,” said senior Kelley Jacome.

Once the team got up the courage to approach Brody, they took a bunch of pictures with him. The players praised how nice the family was and how much they appreciated the team asking for photos.

The Lady Wildcats were fortunate to run into Brody in the San Diego airport in between flights. Chico was coming off of playing San Marcos and were heading to San Jose for a Match against The Cal State East Bay Pioneers. Two games which they ended up losing.

Brooke Ono with the set.

“We battled for the bulk of them but we ended up losing both games,” said sophomore Brooke Ono. 

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