An Interview with the Collection Water Life

With a philosophy of impermanence, Water Life Company is a record label that calls the small town of Chico home. It’s embodied by a variety of creatives: The Bella Locas, knowawolfe, MacRae, Alexi, Queen Goddess Lilac and Lydia brings a new dimension and outlook for artists in the area. 

To keep creativity flowing like a river or stream of water, Water Life creatives excel in sharing and expressing heavy thoughts and emotions people can relate to through articulated vocals and rhythm. Their styles range from alternative R&B to pop rock and folk music, which many listeners can connect through by experiencing the same stories or narratives as Water Life. 

The idea of impermanence is more common among the younger generation. Letting go of your harsh grasp on feeling stuck in life or not knowing what you’re doing is the idea at the core of impermanence. Life changes, it moves and flows continuously. Water Life Company, captured our youthful souls that keep floating and changing courses. 

You can find Water Life CO at their Instagram:


Water Life Media