Chico State Softball team hit it off in their first home game


Alejandro Zepeda

Grace Gallagher hitting at home base. Taken Feb. 10th

Chico State’s Softball team played three intense home games this weekend against Academy of Art and Stanislaus State.

On Friday morning, the Chico State Wildcats faced off against Academy of Art in their first home game of the season. 

The game was filled with spirit and great attitude, with both teams hyping each other up in their designated dugouts. The crowd was mobbed by Chico State’s very own Women’s Soccer team as they cheered them on throughout the second half of the game.

Pitcher Amelie Valdez had a great game with almost zero hits and no runs, making it a clear win for the Wildcats. Valdez held it down with her defense, striking out nine of Academy of Arts’ hitters on Friday morning.

“My team really helps me do that, they always hype me and keep me up,” Valdez said. “I can rely on my defense so it’s a lot less pressure on me.”

The team started off strong with Ashley Rocha earning the first and only run of the game at the bottom of the first inning. Rocha was able to score after stealing second base and making a run for it while Grace Gallagher was up to bat.

“It felt really good, and being able to get ahead early and calm down and play the rest of the game freely.” Rocha said.

Gallagher went three for three on her hits and made an impressive start of her last season, going into the second semester of her senior year. Ghallagher was grateful to share this moment with her gals.

“I wanted to do it for Amelie cause she was pitching a great game, so I went up there and did it for her and the rest of the girls,” Gallagher said. 

The Wildcats took home a well-deserved dub after holding it down for the remaining innings, securing a 1-0 victory against Academy of Art.

The Wildcats faced off against Academy of Art again on Saturday as well as Stanislaus State, winning both games back to back. They were able to lay the groundwork for a promising season after a dominant play during their first weekend.


Friday @ 11:30 a.m. Feb. 10th 

Chico State v. Academy of Art: 1-0 (W)

Saturday @ 12:00 p.m. Feb. 11th

Chico State v Academy of Art: 10-2 (W)

Saturday @ 2:30 p.m. Feb. 11th

Chico State v. Stanislaus State: 7-3 (W)

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