Water companies hope water restrictions dry up

Photo credit: Yang Dai

Photo credit: Yang Dai

Yang Dai

After being executed for nine months, the strictest water conservation restrictions in California history have been challenged by water agencies due to the onset of the rainy season.

Since Feb. 20., water agencies hope to suspend the implementation of firmer water restrictions to ensure economic benefits for both themselves and their customers.

“The drought in California affects water supply to residents to some extent. I agree on relaxing restrictions on water use during rainy seasons, which benefits both users and companies,” Peter Bonacich, District Manager of California Water Service company, said.

According to the new water restrictions, California residents are required to reduce water use by 25% or use seawater desalination technology for their daily water consumption.

Students from Chico State also shared their opinions on whether California should adopt more liberal water rules during the rainy season.

“I think that the water restrictions should be loosened in rainy season. I have to pay 15 dollars for water use to the apartment every month since the start of water restrictions, which puts extra economic burden on me. I miss the days when I was using water for free”, said Tianyu Zhou, a senior majoring in accounting.

Kelu Wang, a senior studying computer science, had a different opinion on the situation.

“I don’t think it is a good idea to alter the water rules. It only help people selling water make more money,”voiced Wang. “I think water control is a long process. Restrictions are simply means. Essentially it hopes people can develop good water-consumption habits and try not to waste water.”

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