Famous Rabbi to lecture at Chico State for 2016 Hodgkins Endowment Peace Lecture


Rabbi Lerner From Creative Commons via Wikipedia

George Johnston

The 2016 Hodgkins Endowment Peace Lecture will have a special guest this year.

Renowned Rabbi Micheal Lerner is giving the lecture at Chico State on March 29.

He will speak at 7:30 p.m. in the Rowland-Taylor Recital Hall.

His lecture is titled “Embracing Israel and Palestine: A New Paradigm for all U.S. Foreign Policy.”

“Rabbi Lerner will present a balanced account of the Israel/Palestine struggle and how it could be resolved,” said event coordinator Ron Hirschbein, department of philosophy emeritus faculty at Chico Sate. “He will also address the implications for a new global strategy—replacing our current Western strategy of domination to achieve homeland security with a more effective strategy of generosity.”

For more information on the lecture contact Ron Hirschbein at [email protected]

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