World Pillow Fight Day comes to Chico


From the International Pillow Fight Day facebook page

Elizabeth Helmer

Chico is hosting a pillow fight 4 p.m. in Bidwell Park on April 2.

The pillow fight is part of the celebration for International Pillow Fight Day, an unofficial holiday started seven years ago.

The event is open to people of all ages. Participants are encouraged to wear pajamas. No pillow cases are allowed, as well as no swinging above the shoulders. The creators of the event want to make it a fun environment, rather than an actual “fight.”

The fight is part of the Urban Playground Movement which seeks to make public spaces more playful. The fight has happened the first Saturday in April for the past seven years in cities all around the world including New York CIty, London and Amsterdam.

Over 60 people have said they’re going to the even in Chico, and more than 300 people have shown interest.

You can find more information about the event on its Facebook page here.

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