First Queer Prom offers free dance, entertainment and community


GSEC coordinators hosted the first ever Queer Prom at Chico State. Photo credit: Deisi Aguirre

The Prom was free and admitted anyone to enjoy the event. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

The Gender and Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) organized and brought to campus its first queer prom dance Saturday at the BMU auditorium.

Setup Prom
Set-up of queer prom inside the BMU auditorium, minutes before the actual event began. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

The event consisted of drag show performances, dance performances and DJ performances conducted by KCSC Radio. Free desserts and non-alcoholic drinks were provided as well.

“My hopes in putting on this event was getting people that comfortability of having a safe drug-free and alcohol-free space and being willing to be who they are in any kind of setting,” said Drew Belisle, a coordinator, “but preferably get to know people that might identify as them and being able to build that family connection.”

Miyah K. Chic performs at the prom. Photo credit: Deisi Aguirre
Will Ryder offered his performance at Queer Prom 2018. Photo credit: Deisi Aguirre

The event was free for all students with a suggested donation from $5 to $10.

“I’m really hoping that we get the hype up and set the standard in being able to acknowledge Chico as a diverse community, but also diverse in genders and sexualities and being able to have that safe space here and to keep this legacy going on in the future,” said Belisle.

GSEC Interns welcomed and registered prom attendees. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

GSEC partnered with the Chico State Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Stonewall Alliance Center, Prime Time Productions and KCSC Radio to bring this event to campus.

Alejandra Fraga can be reached at [email protected] or @alifragster on Twitter.