Chico Police report arrests for various offenses during Cesar Chavez weekend


“I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed,” the arrested man responded to his neighbor as he was helped into the back seat of the cop car. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Josiah Nicholl

During a weekend of celebration of Cesar Chavez Day beginning last Thursday, police announced that they made a total of 36 arrests in Chico.

According to a press release from the Chico Police Department, this year’s Cesar Chavez celebration was busier than last year’s, due to the warm weather and long holiday weekend for students.

Of the 36 arrests made, eight were for public intoxication, two were for illegal weapon possession, one was for resisting arrest, and the remainder were for various other crimes or warrant arrests.

In addition, police issued a total of 50 citations over the course of the weekend, most of which were issued in the south campus area for open alcohol container and minor in possession of alcohol violations.

A woman was arrested as police searched the found car. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Beginning Thursday night, Chico Police added extra staffing to prepare for the holiday weekend. Several large parties were reported before 7 a.m Friday, with activity continuing in the south campus area until midnight. Large parties began being reported around noon on Saturday, and activity continued until after midnight.

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