Vans gives away shoes to Camp Fire victims at Chico High School


A line of Vans shoes, that were given away freely to victims of the Camp FIre Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Justin Jackson

Doing its part to help the victims of the Camp Fire, Vans went to Chico High on Saturday to give away free shoes.

The first thing noticeable was the enormous line outside the Lincoln Center that many people would wait at least 2 hours to get through. If they did manage to get through it, they would enter a room of parents telling their kids to stop playing around and to try on shoes. With sizes from toddlers to 13, almost everyone could find what they needed.

People going through multiple aisles of Vans to find the shoes right for them, Saturday at Chico High School. Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Vans also gave away t-shirts of many designs to go with everyone’s new shoes.

White “Let’s Get Lit!” t-shirts were also given away Saturday, at Chico High School. Photo credit: Justin Jackson
White “Off The Wall” t-shirts were also given away, Saturday, at Chico High School. Photo credit: Justin Jackson
Plain Black Vans t-shirt Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Vans has helped victims of California fires before, visiting Shasta County last year to help victims of the Carr Fire. Steve Van Doren, whose family started Vans and has been working with it for 52 years, spoke to the Orion about helping victims of the Camp Fire.



People really appreciate what Vans did to help. Bryan Sullivan was one such person, who had just picked up his pair of free shoes.

“I think this is awesome,” Sullivan said. “ A lot of people say they want to help, but these guys are actually coming and doing it.”

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