Rolling with Wildcats

Friday night, students flocked to the second annual WREC ‘n’ Roll at the Wildcat Recreation Center. Lines were down the hall and music echoed throughout the building as students anxiously waited for their turn to skate.

Photo credit: Carolyn Allen

“We brought in a new DJ and some lights to make it a little bigger, more exciting,” said WREC Programs Coordinator Brooke McCall.

McCall anticipated five to six hundred students would cycle during the event.

The event also provided complimentary snacks and drinks for participants. WREC employee and student Christy Levine, who worked the event last year, said it was a big hit.

“We rented skates the first time around and there were a lot of child sizes, so we couldn’t accommodate as many people as we wanted to,” Levine said, “but this year we purchased our own skates.”

Students had the option of inline or traditional skates with about 20 pairs in each size, according to Levine. Some students brought their own.

The event began at 7 p.m. and ran until 9 p.m. with smiling faces all around, one of them being sophomore Yihu Her, who attended the event last year.

Her said he enjoyed himself in spite of the large crowds. He also said the fact that the event was so close and free were big reasons for wanting to come back.

The event was a part of Wildcat Welcome Week. Welcome Week is usually targeted toward new students however, all grade levels are welcome and there were a variety of grade levels who wanted to get in on the action.

If you missed the event there will be more opportunities to skate. On Halloween, there will be another WREC ‘n’ Roll event: The Halloween Spooktacular.

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